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The Inside Story

The Iowa Geological Survey (IGS) has a long and illustrious history in the state, beginning in 1855, when legislation proposed by Governor James W. Grimes provided for a geological survey of the state, which was led by State Geologist James Hall. It was the start of great things for the state of Iowa, with its many geological resources. Iowa established a permanent geological survey as a separate agency of state government in 1892

The Boarderlands

Iowa’s landscape has been reshaped throughout geologic history, most recently due to the advancement of continental ice sheets. Since the ice retreated, the landscape has undergone fluvial incision and the glacial deposits have experienced weathering and soil development.

Funding to support renewable energy industries in Iowa

State Geologist, Keith Schilling, is co-PI on a new 4-year project funded by the US National Science Foundation through its Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research. In collaboration with Profs Cramer and Meyer at UI and researchers at Kansas, the project aims to identify potential new sources of Rare Earth Elements (REEs).

Iowa’s Vast Underground Wilderness

Who hasn’t taken a trip to a national, international, or state park, wilderness area, beach, or local fishing hole looking to come back refreshed and rejuvenated? Natural areas are vital for our health, providing cognitive and physical benefits.

Groundwater Recharge and Drought

Clearly, drought is an issue that affects all Iowans and understanding the consequences of drought on groundwater recharge will be important during an uncertain climate future.

Eroding Streambanks Contribute Phosphorus Export

Eroding streambanks contribute a third or more of the phosphorus export from the state, according to estimates from ground-breaking research led by Keith Schilling and Matthew Streeter from the Iowa Geological Survey at the University of Iowa, along with co-investigators from Iowa DNR, Iowa State University and USDA.