Mineral, Rock, and Fossil Identification

Geologists at the Iowa Geological Survey regularly identify rocks, minerals, and fossils that are brought into our office. If you are not able to stop by our office, please send photos of the specimen via email. Please make sure that the photos capture all aspects of the specimen, are in focus, and include a common object for scale (i.e., ruler, quarter, pen, etc.). Include a brief description of where the specimen was found. You can also mail specimens to the IGS for identification, and returned if requested. Visit our “Ask a Geologist” page for more information.

3 TRILOBITE fossils, found in Scott County, are 375 million years old (Devonian).


The Iowa Geological Survey maintains a catalog that lists available and out-of-print publications that provide information on the geological resources of Iowa, including the state’s groundwater, bedrock, glacial materials, and mineral resources.

IGS Publications
Photo and diagram of crinoids

General Interest Articles

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A beautiful gray and peach geode